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Collections and Bibliographies

On this page you will find some general sources for external collections and bibliographies of women mathematicians. Please let us know if you are aware of other good sources which might be included.

Agnes Scott College Women in Maths website

This has a wonderful bibliography section which currently lists over 450 articles and books about women in mathematics. For details see here

AWM website

Many articles and further resources can be found on the Resources section of the AWM website.

The Oregon Women in Math Project

The Women in Math Project, directed by Marie Vitulli in the Department of Mathematics  in the University of Oregon, reports on various gender studies in mathematics and other sciences. It includes 1997 and 2010 analyses for gender differences in employment for new Ph.D.s in mathematics. Here is the project’s bibliography.

The Philippa Fawcett Collection

This is a wide-ranging library of books written by and about women who studied or worked in mathematical subjects in the nineteenth and first part of the twentieth century, or earlier. It is held in the library of the London Mathematical Society. For details see here

ADVANCEing Faculty Program

ADVANCEing Faculty Program Louisiana Tech University, OWISE Library. A list of books related to women in STEM with short summaries.

WEPAN Knowledge Center

The WEPAN Knowledge Center is an online database with hundreds of curated, annotated resources, cataloged by topic and keyword, so is a good place to find things related to the success of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


WISELI (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership institute) at University of Wisconsin-Madison has an extensive library of resources about of women in STEM fields.

Women Breaking Barriers

Career Advice from Leading Women in Business, Technology, and Beyond Features in giving interviews with professional women giving career advice across a broad spectrum of STEM careers including cybersecurity, data science, engineering, computer programming, management, finance, and more. For more details see here