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Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) second annual report


Download report here.

The 2021-22 SCGES report, compiled after the Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) ’s first year of existence, is evidence of its current and future work on this endeavor. Starting with a short synthesis by SCGES chair Catherine Jami, it contains short reports by each of the 1 members of SCGES, all of which have a stated commitment to promote gender equality and women in science. Exchanging information on all related issues and making them visible is a major motivation for the partners who work together in SCGES.

Women Mathematicians in South Asian and Middle Eastern Region

University of Technology and Applied Sciences

The hybrid event "To constitute a network of Women Mathematicians in South Asian and Middle Eastern Region" will be held on 4 th -5 th October 2022 at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Suhar for two days. The first day (4 th October, 2022) of the hybrid event is in person at UTAS-Sohar, Oman and the second day (5 th October, 2022) of the event will be continued on virtual mode.

The event is sponsored by CWM-International Mathematical Union and UTAS-Suhar.

Renowned mathematicians from ten countries with a high scientific caliber are participating in this prestigious event.

The main objectives of this event are:

  • To build a network at the regional, national and an international level.
  • To motivate and encourage participants for research and development activities
  • To spread awareness about the funding and career opportunities available.
  • To showcase the achievements of women mathematicians globally that can motivate them to pursue their careers in Mathematics.

Women in Mathematics, a conference in Japan


The online conference "Women in Mathematics", a RIMS conference of Kyoto University, took place from September 7th to 9th in 2022.

There were more than 200 participants, from several countries, one third of them being male.

The program featured mathematical talks, 1-minute speech by the Japanese female participants and discussion about women in mathematics including reports from CWM, EWM, WAM, MSRI and AWM. It was a good opportunity for participants to get to know each other and to learn about many good practices abroad.

See more information here.

Establishement of AOWM

Asia-Oceania Women in Mathematics (AOWM), the continental organization for women in mathematics in Asia and Oceania was established on August 1 2022 by an on line meeting.

There are more than 200 founding members from 18 Asian and 0ceanian countries (Australia, China, India,
 Indonesia,  Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines,  South Korea,  Sri Lanka,  Thailand, UAE,  Uzbekistan) . The CWM ambassadors and their continental meeting played a key role in the creation of AOWM. The preparation process was taken care of by a group led by Motoko Kotani and Kyewon Koh Park.

The AOWM Executive Committee  is the  following.

President : Sanoli Gun (India)
    Vice President : Melissa Tacy (New Zealand)
    Vice President :  Polly Sy (Philippines)
    Secretary: Hyang-Sook Lee (Korea)
    Ordinary EC members
    Budi Nurani Ruchjana (Indonesia)
    Yukari Ito (Japan)
    Dongmei Xiao (China)
    Bakhyt Alipova (Kazakhstan)
    Zohreh Mostaghim (Iran)

Contact AOWM: here.

Maryna Viazovska wins Fields medal


We are absolutely delighted to congratulate Maryna Viazovska on her achievement in being  awarded the Fields medal  "for the proof that the E8 lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions, and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis".  See here.


Georgia Benkart passes away

University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
United States

Georgia Benkart  (December 30, 1947 – April 29, 2022) was known for her work in the structure and representation theory of Lie algebras and related algebraic structures.  A tribute to her contributions to her field, "Gems from the Work of Georgia Benkart", appeared in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. 

She was elected and served as president of the Association for Women in Mathematics from 2009 to 2011. In 2014 at the International Congress of Mathematicians held in Seoul, she delivered the ICM Emmy Noether Lecture.

Georgia Benkart collaborated with CWM in several occasions. In particular, she was the chair of the (WM)² 2018 program committee, and one of the editors of its Proceedings. We will miss her.

Collected Georgia Benkart Remembrances

Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics

Association for Women in Mathematics
United States

Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics
Reminiscences, History, and Visions for the Future of AWM
Editors : Janet L. BeerySarah J. GreenwaldCathy Kessel

Celebrates fifty years of the oldest association for women in mathematics in the world
Features contributions from a large and varied array of people in mathematics
Provides a historical chronology and reminiscences of AWM from its inception through present day

Part of the Association for Women in Mathematics Series book series (AWMS, volume 28), Springer, Cham

The article International Initiatives for Women Mathematicians by Marie-Françoise Roy and Caroline Series contained in the volume is describing the creation and initiatives of CWM.