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CWM Website

This website is the reponsibility of the IMU's Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM). Communications concerning the website can be directed to

The website was originally created by the Women in Mathematics Webpages Advisory Group under the oversight of the International Mathematical Union and under the leadership of its then President, Ingrid Daubechies. It was designed as a service to the international community and launched on August 12, 2014, immediately prior to the ICM in Seoul.


CWM Chair

Carolina Araujo
IMPA, Rio deJaneiro, Brazil

Submission instructions

We welcome your input into these webpages.  Please let us know about organizations, events or resources, indeed anything you think would be of interest. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible, giving working weblinks and ideally a few lines of suitable text. The main language is English but text in other languages may be used where appropriate. We also welcome photographs but please read the instructions below carefully.

The decision of the editors on what information will be included is final.


In order to publish photographs we need the permission of whoever owns the picture, for example yourself, your University, or the photographer. Normally this would be in the form: Photo courtesy Joanna Noether (meaning that you have asked Joanna Noether or other owner for permission and obtained it). We can also use photos under the Wikimedia commons terms. Photographs submitted without permission cannot be used.

If you submit a portrait photo for the section People/Gallery, please also give:

(a) A relevant website address, typically either a personal web page or wikipaedia page.

(b) The person’s institution as it should appear.

(c) A few tag lines to accompany the picture, in the same style as the pictures already in the Gallery.

Gallery photos may be changed from time to time, so that even if we cannot use the picture immediately it may appear at a later date.

If you submit a photo for the section Events, please also give as much relevant information as you can and suitable web links.


Please send your information to