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More Links

Here are some links to more websites which themselves contain more links to other organisations.


Here are some useful  links  on the EWM website.


Athena Swan

This is a British semi-governmental organisation devoted to advancing women’s academic careers in Science, Maths and Engineering.

WISE  (Women into Science and Engineering)

WISE’s mission is to increase the gender balance in the UK’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workforce, pushing the presence of female employees from 13% as it stands now, to 30% by 2020.


Many organisations, mainly based in the USA, can be found here on the AWM website.

Women in Maths, Science and Society

More links on the AWM website.

Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences (JCW)

Founded in 1971 as a committee of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), JCW is now a joint committee of eight mathematical and statistical societies, all mainly based in the USA.