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The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction is a worldwide organisation devoted to research and development in mathematical education at all levels. Its purpose is:

to promote international programs of activities and publications that improve the collaboration, exchange and dissemination of ideas and information on all aspects of the theory and practice of contemporary mathematical education.

to foster efforts to improve the quality of mathematics teaching and learning worldwide.

to support and assist the International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) and meetings or conferences of ICMI affiliated organizations.

ICMI was founded in 1908 and has been a commission of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) since 1952.

News and Events

Calling for the most humorous and sophisticated cartoons on the subject of mathematics!
The German Mathematical Society has partnered with toonpool and imaginary to launch a worldwide competition for the Cartoon Prize for Mathematics 2022. The competition is open to all professional cartoonists, illustrators and artists worldwide. Stand a chance to win up to 1,000 EUR. Submission closes on August 31, 2022. More information here.

"I feel deeply saddened ... about the recent developments in Ukraine and Russia... Let's remember the theme of this year's IDM is "Mathematics Unites". I our solidarity with the mathematics and mathematics education communities in Ukraine, and with all the people in Ukraine." Read full article here.

The calls for nominations for the Emma Castelnuovo Award, and the Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Award will be open until 30th November 2022.

Full details of the calls can be read here in the March 2022 Newsletter.

Mathematics for Action: Supporting Science-Based Decision Making (MfA) is a tool kit produced for UNESCO by a consortium of experts that will be launched on March 14. It consists of a collection of lively two-page briefs that highlight the role of mathematics in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Read more about the MfA in detail here.

The ICMI Newsletter covers a "Once Upon a Time" series that features historical vignettes from the archives of ICMI. In the March series, Bernard R. Hodgson shares his experience as he uncovers items from the Aarhus ICMI-Seminar on teaching of geometry. Click here for the full article.

One of the aims of the International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is to convey the love of mathematics to young people and the messages that mathematics is everywhere and that it is useful and beautiful. We invite you to celebrate IDM in your classrooms and beyond! Read here to find out how you can contribute to this aim of the IDM.

The Klein Project is an IMU/ICMI project with the aim of producing mathematics resources for secondary teachers on contemporary mathematics. As part of the project, "vignettes" (short, readable pieces) on contemporary mathematics are produced and shared on the Klein Project Blog. Find out more about the work of the Klein Project in this article.

Launch of ICME-15!

We are excited to announce the launch of ICME-15! Join us online as we share our aspirations and our vision for the journey ahead at this special event on Monday, 14 March from 4PM-530PM (AEDT; 5AM-630AM UTC) on the International Day of Mathematics.

For full details about the launch, read here.

Mercy is a Member-at-Large of ICMI EC (2021-24). She got to know about ICMI in 2004 through Jill Adler, former Vice-President of ICMI. In this editorial, she shares her journey since she learnt about ICMI, how she became involved, and what motivates and keeps her interested in serving ICMI and the mathematics education community. Read the full editorial here.

Picture from the ICME

A major responsibility of ICMI is to plan for the quadrennial International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME), held under the auspices of ICMI.

ICMI studies picture

The Discussion Document of ICMI Study on Teachers of Mathematics Working and Learning in Collaborative Groups can be found here.  ICMI Study 23, Primary Mathematics Study on Whole Numbers is available open access here.



ICMI representatives picture

ICMI representatives are contact persons in the ICMI member countries.

Picture for the capacity and network project

The Capacity and Network Project aims to provide teacher-educators in developing countries with enhanced mathematical expertise.

Picture for the Klein Project

The Klein Project presents contemporary mathematics for secondary school teachers.

Picture for ICMI regional conferences

In 2019 the ICMI Regional Conference "XV Conferencia Interamericana de Educación Matemática (CIEAM)" was held May 5-10 in Medellín, Colombia.

Picture for resoruces

Materials and links for mathematics teachers and educators.

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