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ICMI former Presidents and Secretaries-General


Felix KLEIN  (Germany)  (1908-1920)
David Eugene SMITH  (USA)  (1928-1932)
Jacques HADAMARD  (France)  (1932-1940)
Albert CHÂTELET  (France)  (1952-1954)
Heinrich BEHNKE  (Germany)  (1955-1958)
Marshall H. STONE  (USA)  (1959-1962)
André LICHNEROWICZ  (France)  (1963-1966)
Hans FREUDENTHAL  (Netherlands)  (1967-1970)
James LIGHTHILL  (UK)  (1971-1974)
Shokichi IYANAGA  (Japan)  (1975-1978)
Hassler WHITNEY  (USA)  (1979-1982)
Jean-Pierre KAHANE  (France)  (1983-1990)
Miguel DE GUZMÁN  (Spain)  (1991-1998)
Hyman BASS  (USA)  (1999-2006)
Michèle ARTIGUE  (France)  (2007-2009)
Bill BARTON (New Zealand) (2010-2012)
Ferdinando ARZARELLO (Italy) (2013-2016)
Jill ADLER (South Africa) (2017-2020)

Note: Henri FEHR (Switzerland) was Honorary President for the period 1952-1954.


Henri FEHR  (Switzerland)  (1908-1920 and 1928-1940)
Heinrich BEHNKE  (Germany)  (1952-54)
Julien DESFORGE  (France)  (1955-1958)
Gilbert WALUSINSKI  (France)  (1959-1962)
André DELESSERT  (Switzerland)  (1963-1970)
Edwin A. MAXWELL  (UK)  (1971-1974)
Yukiyoshi KAWADA  (Japan)  (1975-1978)
Peter HILTON  (USA)  (1979-1982)
A. Geoffrey HOWSON  (UK)  (1983-1990)
Mogens NISS  (Denmark)  (1991-1998)
Bernard R. HODGSON  (Canada)  (1999-2009)
Jaime CARVALHO E SILVA (Portugal) (2010-2012)
Abraham ARCAVI (Israel) (2013-2020)

Note: The term "Secretary" was used for this position when ICMI was reestablished in 1952.  The use of the original term "Secretary-General" was reintroduced with the revision of ICMI Terms of Reference in 2002.