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ICME-16 (2028)

The ICMI Executive Committee is happy to announce that Prague, Czech Republic was chosen to host ICME-16 in 2028.

The ICMI Executive Committee received two bids to host ICME-16 in 2028 by the November 2022 deadline. Namely (in alphabetical order) from Czech Republic (Prague) and Thailand (Bangkok). Two Site visits were organized in January and February this year, the visiting team being composed of ICMI President, Frederick Leung, Secretary-General Jean-Luc Dorier, Vice-President Merrilyn Goos and Administrative Manager Lena Koch. The visits allowed the visiting team and Executive Committee to understand and appreciate the quality of the local infrastructure, congress center, accommodation, the support the conference will receive locally, nationally and regionally as well as the ideas, composition and expertise of the organizing team.

The bids were thoroughly discussed by the ICMI EC at its face-to-face meeting in Thailand this February; after the site visits additional requests were made to the two bidding countries that had the opportunity to revise the bids accordingly.  The final decision was made through a Video discussion that took place in April 2023. The EC’s decision process was not easy given the high quality of both bids, but only one site could be chosen. In consequence the task of the Executive Committee was especially difficult.

We hope that the international mathematical education community will enthusiastically receive the invitation of our Czech colleagues for 2028, so to make ICME-16 a huge international conference that will advance studies, interest and support for mathematics education all over the world. The tentative dates of ICME-16 are 2-9, July 2028 and a Czech delegation will introduce ICME-16 Prague during ICME-15 in Sydney in July 2024.

The ICMI Executive Committee wishes to express its deepest gratitude to the mathematics education and mathematics communities in the two bidding countries, and especially to the two persons who chaired the committees that prepared the bids, namely Professors Naďa Vondrová (Czech Republic), and Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand).  The care they took coordinating the team that prepared the bids and organized the site visits deserves our recognition.

It is our hope that the enthusiasm of those who supported both bids will reflect not only in ICME-16 (and ICME-15), but in future ICMEs as well.

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