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CWM Ambassadors

CWM has established over 150 special correspondents worldwide, each of whom has the job of disseminating information such as CWM funding calls in her geographical or mathematical neighbourhood, and also of keeping CWM informed about activities or initiatives to be announced on this website.

CWM virtual continental ambassadors meetings

CWM is organizing virtual meetings of its 150 ambassadors by continent. The aim is to discuss various aspects of the gender gap in mathematics, and initiatives taken to reduce it, in order to share best practices.

The series started with Europe in March and was jointly organized by CWM and EWM (European Women in Mathematics), on March 16 and March 23 2021. The March 16 event  was opened to registered participants.

In Africa, the organizers ere CWM and AWMA (African Women in Mathematics Association), the event included a francophone meeting on March 30 2021 and an anglophone meeting on April 2 2021, followed by a global one  on April 6 2021.

In Asia the meeting took place on June 25 and 26 2021.

A LatinAmerican meeting is scheduled on October 28 and 29 2021 and a Panamerican one on November 19 2021

A global virtual gathering will take place on February 11 2022.

Testimonies from the COVID-19 crisis

Women in math and the COVID-19 crisis

Here are brief contributions written during the second half of April 2020 by CWM members and CWM ambassodors from different countries all over the world on what the COVID-19 crisis has meant for their lives as women in mathematics.