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CWM Sponsored Networks and Activities

CWM sponsors a number of events and activities with the aim of encouraging women in mathematics, with priority given to  developing or emerging countries. Our main focus has been aimed at establishing or supporting networks at the continental or regional level. Other events, workshops and projects have also been supported.

The multi-country or multi-regional networks which have been fostered or initiated  with CWM's help  include:

  • AWMA   African Women in Mathematics Association
  • CAWMA Central Asian Women in Mathematics Association  (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan)
  • IWM Indian Women in Mathematics

Organisation for women in Latin America and East Asia are ongoing. Associations in individual countries have also been sponsored.

The deadline for proposition activities taking place in 2022 is December 15 2021. See CWM 2022 call.

In 2021, CWM call  received 23 applications of which CWM decided to support 6 projects. CWM is supporting AWMA’s proposal for a special day for women in mathematics at the Pan African Congress of Mathematicians PACOM 2021, a project of several regional women in mathematics associations organising jointly the May 12 initiative to upgrade the reporting mechanism of the website, as well as the second phase of the exhibition project, “МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematics,” to be premiered at (WM)² in Saint Petersburg and ICM 2022. The project proposed by Indian Women in Mathematics and two thematical mathematical activities in Latin America and Pakistan were also approved.

In 2020, CWM call  received 35 applications of which CWM decided to support 8 projects. Six  of them are meetings taking place in Chile, Colombia, India, Senegal, Turkey and Vietnam. The May 12 th initiative website and an exhibition project, МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematics, for (WM)² in Saint Petersbourg are also supported.

In 2019, CWM supported events  in Cameroon, Argentina, Domicican Republic, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Tunisia. For a brief report on these activities, see here.

(WM)², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics July 31, 201, Riocentro convention center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a satellite event of the ICM 2018 organised and partially funded by CWM. See meeting-report here and book of abstracts here.

Events sponsored by the 2018 funding call will take place in Austria, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Italy (ICTP) Macedonia, Nigeria, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and a booklet project on women role models in Africa is being supported. For a brief report on these activities, see here.

Events sponsored by the 2017 funding call took place in Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Tunisia, South Africa and Vietnam. For a brief report on these activities, see here.

The 2016 events took place in Colombia (Latin America), India, Indonesia (S. and E. Asia), Kazakhstan (Central Asia), Mexico (Latin America), Senegal (West Africa), Tunisia (North  Africa). For a brief report on these activities, see here. In 2015-16, similar activities were also funded in Kenya (Africa) and Brazil (Latin America). 

Events by year