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In 2021, CWM call  received 23 applications of which CWM decided to support 6 projects. CWM is supporting AWMA’s proposal for a special day for women in mathematics at the Pan African Congress of Mathematicians PACOM 2021 (postponed to 2022), a project of several regional women in mathematics associations organising jointly the May 12 initiative to upgrade the reporting mechanism of the website, as well as the second phase of the exhibition project, “МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematics,” to be premiered at (WM)² in Saint Petersburg and ICM 2022. The project proposed by Indian Women in Mathematics and two thematical mathematical activities in Latin America and Pakistan were also approved. Two other activities are also supported by CWM in 2021:  the film project "Words of women in mathematics in the time of Corona" and  CGD-Umalca activities.

The Second Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians Meeting supporded by the 2020 CWM call finally took place on line in 2021.

For a brief report on these activities, see here.


In September 2020, UMALCA (Unión Matemática de América Latina y el Caribe) set up the Commission on Gender and Diversity (Comisión de Género y Diversidad de Umalca, CGD-Umalca).

CWM support covers  the professional training on how to deal with situations of harassment and gender violence for the Latin American meeting of CWM Ambassadors. This training will be provided by a social scientist with extensive experience in this subject.

Film "Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona "

Follow up of the film "Faces of Women in Mathematicds" supported by CWM in 2018.", with words of women in mathematics, sharing their experience during the pandemic. The pandemic has indeed made women, and in particular women in mathematics, more invisible than ever and we hope that this project will contribute to letting them be heard and seen. The plan is to collect the thoughts of these women, regarding how the pandemic has affected their personal or professional life as mathematicians. Their contributions will be the object of a new video to be launched on May 12th, date of the anniversary of Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday, which celebrates worldwide.

May 12 initiative

May 12 is the birthdate of Maryam Mirzakhani.

May 12, Celebrating Women in Mathematics is a joint initiative of European Women in Mathematics, the Association for Women in Mathematics, African Women in Mathematics Association, Indian Women and Mathematics, Colectivo de Mujeres Matemáticas de Chile and the Women's Committee of the Iranian Mathematical Society.

CWM,  funding is meant to upgrade the reporting mechanism of  the iniative's website.

See Report of 2021 May 12 initiative here.

Congo (Worskhop for African Women in Mathematics at PACOM 2021)

CWM supports the funding of a one day event organized jointly  by the  African Women in Mathematics Association (AWMA)  and The Commission of African Women in Mathematics in Africa (AMUCWMA) in the occasion of the 10 th Panafrican Congress of Mathematics originally planned in 2021 and postponed to 2022.


India (Support to IWM)

CWM funding will be mainly used by Indian Women in Mathematics for their website, logo development and virtual conferences facilities.

Pakistan (for Post-graduate students in Lahore)

A 5-day event in the fall of 2021 consisting of lectures, workshops and roundtables which would enable female postgraduate-level students of mathematics to converse with a number of well-established, successful female mathematicians.

Russia (Creation of an exhibition)

МАТЕМАТИКА, through a land of mathematics, is approved as a (WM)² 2022 and ICM2022 Exhibition.

The goal of this three-year project is to discover and exhibit women mathematicians who work across Russia. Of particular interest will be their points of view on mathematics, what mathematics gives to them and to society, and how mathematics intertwines with their lives in the different cultural contexts of large Russian cities. The exhibit will furthermore explore how these women see mathematics and their role in mathematics research, communication and education.

The travel through Russia by traiin is planned for the fall 2021.

Virtual Latin American Network “ Mujeres Dinámicas”

The aim is to develop an international scientific network among latin-american women working in dynamical systems in order to encourage female students and junior researchers.

Second Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians Meeting

The activity originally planed in 2020 in Vietnam finally took place on line in 2021. The Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran, hosted the Second Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians Meeting (The 2nd SEAWM) 2021, which was held online on July 10, 2021. The 2nd SEAWM2 2021 was held to build a network of women mathematicians in Southeast Asia. This event also supports Asian-Oceanian Women in Mathematics (AOWM) activities which were discussed virtually at the First Asia-Oceanian CWM Ambassadors Meeting on 25-26 June 2021. The 2nd SEAWM2 was held in collaboration between the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS), Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), Department of Mathematics Universitas Padjadjaran, Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of Indonesia (FMIPA UI), and the CWM IMU Ambassador for Indonesia. This agenda is also supported by CWM IMU.
During this meeting, the "Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians CV Collection 2021" book was also launched. This book is a collection of CVs of women mathematicians in Southeast Asian countries. This book shows their contribution, not only related to academics but also various community service activities in professional organizations in the mathematics field at national and international levels.