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Funding Opportunities

fundingoppotunities.jpgCDC invites applications for grants to mathematicians (mainly based in developing countries) to stimulate collaboration in the field primarily through the funding of travel and related expenditures.

In cases in which funding is granted, CDC conference grants are in the range of 1,000– 3,000 EUR. The grants for research travel are up to 5,000 USD (Abel Visiting Scholar Program and IMU-Simons African Fellowship Program). Exact amounts will depend on the Selection Committee's evaluation mathematical quality and impact and budget constraints.

IMU CDC Definition "Developing Country"
The list of Developing Countries includes all the countries classified by the World Bank in the categories: Low income, Lower middle income, and Upper middle income in accordance with the World Bank Database updates of July 2019. It includes all countries with Gross National Income (GNI) per capita in USD, not exceeding USD 12,375, with the World Bank data of 2018. For a list of eligible countries, please go here.


All programs, unless mentioned differently are administrated by the IMU Secretariat. In case of questions, please contact the CDC administration via email.

Grant Selection

CDC Grants decisions are taken by grant selection committee members. In case a selection committee member is a member of the organizing or program committee, an invited speaker or chairing a session, this selection committee has to abstain from voting for this particular grant. Currently CDC has three selection committees: The Grant Selection Committee for conference grants and the IMU- Simons Travel Fellowship grants,  the Abel Visiting Scholar Selection Committee and CDC who decides for all other grants and activities supported.

Grants for Individuals

Abel Visiting Scholar Program 

This program is generously funded and sponsored by funds associated with the Abel Prize in mathematics and supports mathematicians professionally based in developing countries to visit an international research collaborator for a period of one month. The period is extendable for up to three months in the case of matching support from the host institution. The program is designed for post doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers therefore the applicant must be under 40 years of age at the day of the application deadline. The maximum age may be increased by up to three years in the case of an individual with a broken career pattern. A selection committee decides which applications are successful. For more information click here

Individual Research Travel Support Program

A program for mathematicians from developing countries worldwide. For more information please click here

IMU-Simons African Fellowship Program 

This program is for mathematicians from African countries and is generously sponsored and funded by the Simons Foundation NY. The “IMU – Simons African Fellowship Program” started in September 2016 and supports research sabbaticals for mathematicians from AFRICAN developing countries employed in AFRICA to travel to an internationally known mathematical centre of excellence/ university (WORLDWIDE) for collaborative research. The program is not for any post graduate courses or post doctoral training but for a LIMITED RESEARCH PERIOD. The grant covers TRAVEL and LIVING COSTS of African mathematicians working in Africa (specifically coming from a developing country, the definition of which is determined by the IMU for all its schemes) during the sabbatical. For more information please click here


Conference Support

This program gives partial support to conferences organized in developing and economically disadvantaged countries. The funds are for academic use only (travel or living expenses of invited speakers or participants coming from developing countries). The Conference Support Program also supports a few major international conferences occurring in developed countries who would like to invite mathematicians from developing counties.

The IMU Simons Travel Fellowship and Conference Support Program grants are administered by the Grants Selection Committee (GSC), a seven-member committee supervised by the Commission for Developing Countries (CDC).  Its members are recognized mathematicians from seven countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America and Europe. Three GSC members are also members of the Commission for Developing Countries. The committee is chaired by the CDC Secretary for Grants.

Project Support for Mathematicians and Mathematics Education

Under this category CDC mainly supports higher education and capacity building projects as well as local initiatives. Supported initiatives include the Africa Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative (AMMSI) which receives CDC support for its graduate student scholarship program; the Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM) program and the education and capacity workshop series “Finding Online Information in Mathematics. 

CDC also supports a few projects in mathematics education. Supported mathematics education activities include the CANP Project of the International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) which fosters mathematics teacher training and capacity building in developing countries. 

Currently this Program does not accept applications.

Graduate Support

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program

This fellowship program supports students from a developing country who are studying in a developing country a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences. The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships offers a limited number of grants for excellent students from developing countries.

More Information

Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program

The Program provides research assistantships to graduate – PhD and Master – students of emerging research groups working in a developing country listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU CDC Definition of Developing Countries. It provides modest support for emerging research groups, making it possible for them to fund their most talented students as graduate research assistants, thereby fostering the growth of a mathematics community.

More Information

International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) Travel Grants Program

Every four years, CDC supports and in the past also administered the IMU – ICM Travel Grants Program, offering travel support to mathematicians based in developing countries to attend the International Congresses of Mathematicians (ICM).

The next ICM will be held 2022 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Grants from other institutions

For grants, call for applications and support programs from other institutions (e.g. CIMPA), please go here.