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Research Travel Grants

CDC offers various Research Travel Grants:

Abel Visiting Scholar Program: In 2013 the Niels Henrik Abel Board (Norway) and the CDC launched the Abel Visiting Scholar Program. The Niels Henrik Abel Board gives an annual grant for the Abel Visiting Scholar Program to support mathematicians professionally based in developing countries to visit an international research collaborator for a period of one month. The period is extendable for up to three months in the case of matching support from the host institution. The AVSP is designed for postdoctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers. The applicant should be under 40 years of age at the day of the application deadline. It is designed to offer the opportunity for a ‘research sabbatical,’ a necessary complement to teaching and other academic duties for mathematicians desiring to also sustain a viable research program. The Abel Visiting Scholar Program Selection Committee selects the grant recipients. All travel and living expenses of the grantees will be covered by the fellowship up to 5,000 USD.

IMU – Simons African Fellowship Program: In 2016 this new grant program was launched and will run for 5 years until September 2021. The program is funded by the Simons Foundation, NY, USA and supports research sabbaticals for mathematicians from African developing countries employed in Africa to travel to an internationally known mathematical centre of excellence (worldwide) for collaborative research. All travel and living expenses of the grantees will be covered by the fellowship up to 5,000 USD.

Individual Research Travel Support Program: This program supports travel costs for research visits (minimum stay is four weeks) by mathematicians based in developing and economically disadvantaged countries. The host institution must cover local living expenses like accommodation and boarding.


Please note that all three Research Travel Grant Programs CANNOT support travel cost to any conference, summer school or workshops.

Past support Programs:

IMU Simons Travel Fellowship Program 2013-2017. This program is now closed.