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From the ICHM New Year's Greetings to the Readers of Historia Mathematica

January 1, 1992

Joseph W. Dauben

Historia Mathematica 19 (1992), p. 1

As we begin a new year, and the first issue of the nineteenth volume of Historia Mathematica, I am pleased to take this opportunity on behalf of the International Commission on the History of Mathematics to wish all of the journal's readers a healthy and prosperous 1992. May this be an especially productive and successful year for everyone!

This volume of the journal is noteworthy for several reasons. Above all, it is longer, containing substantially more pages than in the past—about which more in a moment. Of particular significance to the Commission and its current projects, the new list of "members" printed on the back cover is also of special importance. Commission members serve as official liaisons between the ICHM and historians of mathematics in their respective countries. To all those who have just completed (sometimes lengthy) terms as former members, the Commission extends its warmest thanks, and to those who have just accepted new positions as members, the Commission extends a hearty welcome. The Commission hopes to appoint additional members for countries not currently represented before the end of 1992.

In the past, the position of Commission "members" has been largely honorific, and while this has not changed, the Commission hopes that in the future its members will take an increasingly active role in communicating local news of interest to the editors of Historia Mathematica, and in bringing information from the Commission to the attention of historians of mathematics in their own countries. Members are currently active, in fact, in canvassing their colleagues as the Commission undertakes a major revision of its international directory.

Joseph W. Dauben, Chairman 
International Commission on the History of Mathematics