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Awardees 2020

Three students have been awarded a BGF grant to complete their PhD. BGF grants are funded by the generous donations from all the Breakthrough Prize winners. The program is the subject of an interesting article by Della Dumbaugh appeared in the September 2019 Issue of the AMS Notices. The award of full PhD grants goes to three students from developing countries engaged in a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences in a developing country. 

The 2020 recipients are, listed in alphabetical order:

Christelle Judith Agonkoui

Christelle Judith Agonkoui is a Beninese PhD student at the Institute of Mathematics and Physics (IMSP) of the University Abomey-Calavi in Benin nominated by her advisor Professor Sophie Dabo from University of Lille, France. She plans to work on Bio-Statistical Modeling and Applications to Oncology.

Annisa Nur Falah

Annisa Nur Falah is an Indonesian PhD student at Padjadjaran University in Indonesia nominated by her advisor Professor Budi Nurani Ruchjana, from the same institution. She is working on Clustering Spatial Autoregressive Exogenous Kriging (SAR-X Kriging) Model Development and its Application in Social Media Data.

Caroline Namanya

Caroline Namanya is an Ugandan PhD student at Makerere University in Uganda nominated by one of her advisors Professor Michael Wemyss  University from Glasgow, UK. The subject of the research project, co-supervised by Professor David Ssevviiri from Makerere University, is Chamber Structures of 3-Fold Flops.