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Grant Awardees Testimonials

Conference Support Program

Bankteshwar Tiwari and Athanase Papadopoulos

The IMU-CDC grant was extremely helpful in organizing 'The International CIMPA School On Geometric Structures On Surfaces, Moduli Spaces and Dynamics' at DST-Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, INDIA during Dec. 12-22, 2022. There were eight coordinated courses related to current research on subject. There were 66 registered participants including 9 CIMPA participants and 31 participants from various outstation institutions of INDIA and rest are local. Out of 66 participants 16 were female, whereas 50 were male participants. On 18th December(Sunday) there was a CIMPA trip, of almost all participants and speakers, to Sarnath (a tourist place about 20 km from Varanasi). Most of the speakers and participants were of the opinion that they enjoyed academically as well as their stay during the whole school. In short the school was successful and achieved its goal!

Bankteshwar Tiwari and Athanase Papadopoulos, 2022 Conference Support Grant Recipients

Imran Anwar and Marc Chardin

We would like to thank the IMC-CDC for the support to the CIMPA School on "Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods in Geometry" held in LUMS, Pakistan on March 01-11, 2022. In particular, the supporting staff at IMU secretariat smoothen the whole process. We would not be able to support the participants without the generous support of IMU. Being the host institute, we tried to make the event as resourceful as we can; placing all the lectures' recordings, lecture notes on the website. We hope to connect with IMU-CDC for future mega events in future.

Imran Anwar and Marc Chardin, 2021 Conference Support Grant Recipients

Gino Angelo Velasco and Roza Aceska

After several postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were finally able to successfully hold the SEAMS School 2022 on Modern Trends in Signal and Data Processing at the University of the Philippines Diliman. We are very grateful for the generous grant support from the IMU-CDC Conference Support Program, partially supported by the Abel Board. Through Conference Support Grant, we were able to provide accommodation to several participants for the duration of the SEAMS school. Many thanks to the IMU-CDC for continuing to promote and sponsor such schools. We are also very thankful to the IMU Assistant and the rest of the IMU Secretariat for all the help in navigating through the whole grant process.

Gino Angelo Velasco and Roza Aceska, 2020 Conference Support Grant Recipients

Emmanuel Fouotsa and Celestin Lele

The IMU-CDC grant was a great support to the organization, in the University of Dschang (Cameroon), from 19th to 30th July 2021. Thanks to the flexibility in grant management offered by IMU-CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to ensure an excellent success of the partially online event with facilities acquired with IMU-CDC support, as well as ensuring transport of some students from other Cameroon universities to attend this scientific event.

Emmanuel Fouotsa and Celestin Lele, 2020 Conference Support Grant Recipients

Abel Visiting Scholar Program

Mudasir Younis

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the International Mathematical Union for providing me with generous financial assistance for my visit to the University of Gottingen in Germany for a period of one month through the "Abel Visiting Scholar Program." This opportunity has allowed me to broaden my knowledge, pursue new research possibilities, and network with mathematicians from all over the globe.
The IMU's assistance has enabled me to engage in workshops, hear lectures, and collaborate with researchers at the University of Gottingen. These experiences have significantly improved my mathematical skills and knowledge and will surely boost my future research.
The IMU plays an essential role in assisting mathematicians and advancing mathematical research around the globe. Their financial assistance to researchers and students is critical, and it has contributed to the development of a solid and vibrant mathematical community worldwide. Once again, I thank the Commission for Developing Countries of the IMU for allowing me to follow my love for mathematics and contribute to advancing mathematical research.

Mudasir Younis, 2022 IMU Abel Visiting Scholarship Grant Recipient

Bootan Rahman

My visit through Abel Visiting Scholarship Program Grant was one of the productive collaborations throughout my research career, which provided me with the opportunity to meet and interact with researchers in the prestigious university like Waterloo. We are working on “Distributed delay in Brain Networks”, together with Dr Isam Al-Darabsah (former postdoc of Prof. Campbell). In particularity, we are looking at (de)synchronization in such networks and the effect of different time delays on them.
Furthermore, I met PhD students and a group of 10 Romanian visitors at the University of Waterloo during my visit. We debated on many issues I have been facing in my research, and we also discussed a few future projects. Moreover, as Prof Sue Ann Campbell is one of the main organizers of the workshop at Fields institute in Toronto, I had the chance to attend the workshop from 15th - 19th August 2022. Luckily, I met many experts in my field, followed by exchanging research ideas and made a network with few of them during the workshop.

Bootan Rahman, 2020 IMU Abel Visiting Scholarship Grant Recipient

Simons African Fellowship

Akindele Onifade

I want to appreciate the International Mathematical Union (IMU) for the opportunity to participate in the IMU-Simons African Fellowship Program. As a recent PhD graduate, lecturer, researcher in a developing country (Nigeria), the visit allowed me to learn more on cutting edge research in the field of Mathematical Biology, as well as established collaborations that is beneficial to my institution and my professional development. The visit provided me computing facilities, state-of-the-art library, and constant internet access at the University of Florida, United States of America. Furthermore, the visit afforded me unique and highly needed exposure with some of the top Mathematical Biologist and Epidemiologist in the world. Through these, we were able to "assess the potential impact of traditional medicine against COVID-19 in West Africa using a dynamics modeling approach which was submitted to a Q1 journal publish by Elsevier (Infectious Disease Modeling). I also wish to express my profound gratitude to IMU for the opportunity given to me to assess another grant/support from European Mathematical Society (EMS) Simons African Fellowship Program. This is indeed uncommon favour from IMU. I am ever grateful for the support.

Akindele Onifade, 2022 IMU Simons African Grant Recipient

Idowu Osinuga

My research stays at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis, Serbia afforded me more experiential learning opportunities that can unlock outstanding developments in mathematics research. I can’t say enough for the support and helpfulness of the administrative and academic staff. Overall, I would like to recommend the fellowship to those that may be interested across Africa.

Idowu Osinuga, 2021 IMU Simons African Grant Recipient

Deborah Ajayi

"I am very grateful to the IMU-Simons foundation for the opportunity to participate in the IMU-Simons African Fellowship Program. As a wife, mother, lecturer, researcher in a developing country, the visit afforded me the time, resources, conducive environment and opportunity to focus on research at Oxford University. The six weeks stay in Oxford, has been my most productive and rewarding research time, so far. The program provided me with all that I needed to take my research further from abstract/pure Mathematics to applications / computational aspect of Algebraic Topology. I was able to make lifetime connections with scholars from diverse background. Through these, we look forward to the emergence of Topological Data Analysis research community in Nigeria. I am ever grateful to IMU-Simons foundation for the support."

Deborah Ajayi, 2020 IMU Simons African Grant Recipient

Adewale Lukman

The research visit provided us with the opportunity to propose new estimators to handle multicollinearity in both the distributed lag and Beta regression models. The articles from the research visit are presently under review. Furthermore, the visit gave me the privilege to present a seminar titled “Dealing with multicollinearity using the Kibria-Lukman Estimator” on April 22, 2021, in the department. I also had the opportunity to interact with faculties in the department to discuss some likely future studies. I sincerely appreciate the International Mathematical Union (IMU) for the awarded research grant to visit the Florida International University.

Adewale Lukman, 2020 IMU Simons African Grant Recipient

Individual Travel Support Program

Minoo Kamrani

"I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to IMU-CDC for supporting my scientific activities during my research visit in Montan University of Austria by the IMU-CDC Individual Research Travel Support Program Grant. Due to this valuable financial support, I had been privileged to attend the Montan University of Leoben from 17.07.2021 till 18.09.2021.

My primary field is the numerical analysis of stochastic differential equations. During my research visit, with Professor Dr. Erika Hausenblas, we worked on a project about the stochastic Cox-Ingress model and its numerical modeling. We had several meetings and I had the chance to consult her valuable knowledge. As a result of our discussions, one manuscript is partly finished and it will be submitted soon after some revisions.

The research group of the applied mathematics department of Leoben University is very knowledgeable in my field, so it was a creative atmosphere for cooperation and more research works. During my visit, I gave a plenary talk about my new researches and participated in several talks by the research group, which helped me to have lots of discussions related to my field. Also, I got new ideas that may help my future works.

One of the most important benefits of my research visit was that the 9th Austrian Stochastics days took place at the University of Leoben on September 9 and 10, 2021. This conference provided a full opportunity for constructive dialogue. There were several talks held by some knowledgeable scientists. I was able to speak with some researchers who provided tips and useful information for my particular dilemmas and work projects. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to increase my international contacts.

Without a doubt, the IMU Individual Travel Support Program played a key role in developing my research. I am grateful very much to the IMU-CDC for the support they have provided me through my journey to Austria. It should be mentioned that, also with this grant the process of getting visa was easier.

To conclude, the IMU-CDC supported research visit has been one of the important events in my scientific life since I got new knowledge, developed skills, and improved proficiency in my work. I am grateful very much to the IMU-CDC for the greatly appreciated support and for making this trip possible."

Minoo Kamrani, 2020 Individual Travel Support Grant Recipient

Rafael Reno Cantuba

"Mathematics PhD programs in the Philippines do not have publication requirements as strict as those in Europe, US or Canada. However, employment requirements in top Philippine universities are as high as in the latter countries. This meant that although I already had a PhD before the visit, without the publications, I plowed through lower ranks, lower than those an "actual" PhD holder deserves. All the efforts I made to produce further mathematical results reached a culmination because of the visit funded mainly by the IMU, and the difficult years have, I think, passed me by.

Please extend to the IMU my gratitude for the opportunity. Before the visit supported by the IMU grant, my record in Scopus was nil. As of this time of writing, I now have 6 publications and an h-index of 2, and one more publication at the proof stage. These would have not been possible without the postdoctoral visit to Sweden that I had, which was supported by the IMU. More power to you and the union!"

Rafael Reno Cantuba, 2017 Individual Travel Support Grant Recipient