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Project Support 2015 Botswana

Research and Graduate Studies in Mathematics and its Application

'Research and Graduate Studies in Mathematics and its Application' in University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana during the period August 1st, 2013- July 31st, 2018.

It is a project based at the University of Botswana emphasizing training and research in sub-Sahara African universities. Sub-Sahara African universities have been under-funded for several decades. Consequently, most of them lack skilled human resource to continue the training of teachers and to conduct research. The available statistics of some sub-Sahara African universities, on staffing levels show that in certain universities the staff at post in relation to the approved establishments is very low. Most of the staff of sub-Saharan Universities consists of Master’s degree holders but they are teaching courses at master’s level.

The courses in mathematics that would be useful in addressing some of Africa’s problems are not being taught.  Also, as a consequence of poor staffing, the level of research output has been very low. Lack of skilled researchers has meant that Africans are spectators in finding solutions to their own problems.

So, a collaborative research program with institutions in the region will include a strong training component of students from the region at MSc and PhD levels in the areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The mathematical research and training areas required to implement the program are stochastic analysis, stochastic differential equations, analysis, measure theory, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, delay differential equations (both deterministic and stochastic), functional analysis, and probability theory. The project will significantly cut training costs for the Sub-Saharan Governments and reduce the brain drain as a good proportion of African students who train abroad choose not to return to their countries. Pooling of resources will ensure a program at any of the participating institutions with a full staff complement to teach and research and ensure adequate resources to support teaching and research. The program will stimulate completion for places and hopefully raise standards of the graduates of University of Botswana. The research is expected to yield policy recommendations that will assist Botswana planners in health, agriculture and finance.

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