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Project Support 2015 Burkina Faso

Reinforcing Mathematics PhD training in Burkina Faso'

'Reinforcing Mathematics PhD training in Burkina Faso' for Mathematics students from Ouagadougou universities in Burkina Faso during the period June 1st, 2015- May 31st,2016

This project aims to foster mathematical capacity building in Burkina Faso, by training PhD Students. This is done to establish a program of research training through fellowships, masters’ internships, sustain scientific visits in PhD training and support doctoral training in Ouagadougou University. 

The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:
• develop relationships between researchers in mathematics from Burkina and those working in the region of application of mathematics to development issues and also maintaining close links with the international scientific community.
• establish a program of research training through fellowships, masters’ internships and scientific visits from the region and outside.
• Build the capacity of PhD students by supporting doctoral course and increasing doctoral programs;
• support the organization of regular doctorial involving all PhD students in mathematics from the country.

These researchers will contribute with their training and research activities to provide policy makers, men and women endowed with scientific expertise in their areas, as well as decision support tools that enable them to base their decisions on science. Students will be trained to master and doctoral level in different areas of mathematics, mainly in Algebra, Differential Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Convex Analysis, Partial differential equations and Mathematical Modeling. The expected outcome of the project is an increase in the number of PhD theses, an increased mobility of PhD students and scientific production, scientific promotion of mathematicians from Burkina universities.

Enquiries should be directed to Hamidou Toure via e-mail: toureh98(at)