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Project Support 2015 Cambodia

Integrating Technology in Mathematics Education in Cambodia

'Integrating Technology in Mathematics Education in Cambodia' in Phnom  Penh, Cambodia during the period June 5th, 2015- May 30th, 2017. 

In the last 5 years, internet systems have started providing a service that covers Cambodia. Making computers and smart phones available for students and teachers is an excellent step into integrating technology into the school curriculum.

Members of Mathematics Development Program in cooperation with Cambodian Mathematical Society have created this new project that will help teachers use technology to enhance interactive learning among their students. Even if the teachers overcome the language barrier, the organizers still need funding to train teachers in becoming more technology-friendly. The project is also supported by Geo Gebra.

The three main steps to implement the project are:

1. Creating documents in the national language- Khmer (translating files, adding examples from didactic books, additional material from advanced teachers and students)

2. Organizing training for teachers, using feedback from trainees and users they can train their teachers at the secondary and high school (3 last levels before completing high school for grade10, grade11 and grade12).

3. Organize training for teachers in mathematics and develop a website that can help solve problems using technology in learning and researching mathematics. Create a group of specialists for training and answering the questions from the users.

On 04 September 2015, the Cambodian Mathematical Society (CMS) organized a workshop on using ITC (GeoGebra) in Mathematics Education to math teacher from 24 Provinces and Phnom Penh City. 45 teachers participated in the workshop. 

Enquiries should be directed to Chan Roath via e-mail :chan.roath(at)

Below find a picture from the first project meeting in July 2015 in Phnom Phen: