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Project Support 2015 Central America

Regional PhD program in Mathematics launched by the Higher University Council of Central American Universities

IMU-CDC is supporting a project, 'Regional PhD program in Mathematics launched by the Higher University Council of Central American Universities', during the period June 2015- December 2016. 

The aim of this project is to strengthen the recently established Regional Ph.D. program in Mathematics launched by the Superior Council of Central American Universities (CSUCA) in collaboration with International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and its member universities. The overall aim of this PhD is the training of professionals in research in mathematics given the lack of doctors in mathematics in the region. The project supported by the CDC facilitates the travel of PhD students to visit PhD supervisors outside of the region.  

The CSUCA for several years has taken a concern for improving the quality of education in the region (Guatemala,Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica,Panama and Dominican Republic) and specifically, training and retraining of teachers and investigators of different universities in the region.

The program of the Central American and Caribbean PhD in Mathematics from CSUCA seeks quality assurance of mathematical research in the region and depends heavily on the formation of the doctoral students and their interaction with the international scientific community. One of the purposes of the PhD in mathematics is that graduates are able to develop research that meets the needs of their country and the region. This Graduate Program PhD level in mathematics is the first in this field to be issued in Central America. The PhD program in Mathematics is aimed at university professors with academic degree of a master’s in mathematics or equivalent.  The curriculum of each doctoral student is individually prepared according to the research project, in agreement between the student and their advisor. The plan involves  four  seminars,  a  research  stay  outside the  region, participation in   conferences  and acceptance of two articles that lead to thesis work with serious and original research in mathematics.

Enquiries should be directed to Juan Alfonso Fuentes Soria via e-mail: