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Project Support 2015 Peru


CDC supports the CANP 5 (Peru) workshop which will be held in February 2016 with a project grant.

The Capacity and Networking Project (CANP) is a development project of the International Commission of Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) supported by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), UNESCO and the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) as well as regional governments and institutions. The project is a response to Current Challenges in Basic Mathematics Education (UNESCO, 2011), which includes a call not just for mathematics education for all but for a mathematics education of quality for all.

The workshop is focused on providing teacher educators in developing countries with enhanced mathematical and pedagogical expertise, based on the idea that continued updating and development in mathematical knowledge and contemporary pedagogical research and techniques will be the basis for continued collaborative activity.

Aims of CANP:

  • Enhancing the mathematical capacity of those educating and training mathematics teachers in developing regions
  • Promoting and sustaining effective networks of mathematicians, mathematics teachers and mathematics teacher educators in these regions. Structure: Each programme starts with a two-week workshop of 40-50 participants, approximately half from the host country and half from regional neighbours.

It is aimed primarily at mathematics teacher educators but also includes mathematicians, researchers, policy-makers and teachers. Each workshop has associated activities such as public lectures, satellite workshops for students and exhibitions.

CANP 5 will start with a two week intensive course in Lima, Peru at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. February 1-14, 2016), including lectures, workshops, and parallel events. 40- 50 participants will attend, half from the hosting country (Peru) and half from three other countries, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Paraguay. The workshop (held in Spanish and English) will consist of different activities (conferences, courses, forums, symposia) on important themes of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, such as:

  • Fundamental Mathematics in Primary and Secondary School,
  • Contemporary Mathematics and Applications
  • Mathematics Curriculum in school preparation in all levels
  • Technologies, in School Context 
  • Pre-service and in-service Teacher Preparation
  • Epistemology of Mathematic
  • Elaboration of national reports in the four countries on pre-service and in-service teacher preparation in Mathematics Education

During the event, core topics of mathematics and strategies for addressing them in the classroom will be pursued. The themes will be based on the effective needs of the four countries involved. The main follow-up of the event will be the constitution of a Mathematics Education Network, in the region of the four involved countries. Such a network will interact especially with existing mathematical institution existing in Latin America and interested to improving the status of mathematics teaching in that part of the world.+

More information can be found here.