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News Release (September 9, 2013) IMU announces MENAO event in Seoul, Korea

The Mathematics in Emerging Nations: Achievements and Opportunities (MENAO) event will be held on August 12, 2014 in Seoul, Korea.

The one-day event will include an overview of the development of mathematics in Korea and its relationship with economic development as well as talks from senior economists, professors from universities including Stanford and Cambridge, Fields medalists and mathematicians from a variety of developing countries.

Participants will include international organizations, foundations and other interested parties.

The event, hosted by the International Mathematical Union (IMU), will bring potential sponsors and cooperation partners together with projects and organizations related to mathematics in developing countries as well as highlighting past achievements and identifying future opportunities.

IMU is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics. It is a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and has endorsed repeatedly ICSU's Principle of Freedom, Responsibility & Universality of Science.

For further questions please contact the CDC Administrator in the IMU Secretariat in Berlin:

Lena Koch,

IMU Secretariat, Markgrafenstr. 32, 10117 Berlin, Germany,


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