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Host Institution - How to apply for a Course Grant

Only Host Institutions can apply for a grant.

Please follow the steps below to apply for a Volunteer Lecturer Grant.

Step 1: Finding a volunteer

  1. The host insitution researches for lecturer (s) in the volunteer database based on the host insitutions needs and the kind of expertise in the VLP database. The Volunteer database can be found here. The lecturers contact details can be requested by the IMU Secretariat via or on the webpage of the lecturer (to be found through websearch).

    If the host institution is already in contact with an international lecturer who is not yet registered in the VLP database, the lecturer should either register to the database and send an email to CDC Grants about the registration OR just apply to the VLP course and include the CV of the lecturer.
  2. The lecturer and host institution agree on the tentative dates and course content, local living arrangements and expected total local costs (accommodation and basic living costs).
  3. The host institution sends an official letter of invitation to the volunteer. The invitation letter has to be signed by the head of the mathematics department of the host university.
  4. The volunteer signs the Travel Reimbursement and Insurance Information Form and sends it to the host institution.

Step 2: Applying for the Grant to cover the costs of the volunteer:

The host institution has to apply for the VLP grant via an online application form and to upload the following documents (in pdf format) and information:


Step 2: Evaluation of Application by the CDC

The CDC sub-committee for the Volunteer Lecturer Program will evaluate the complete applications received by each deadline.
You can find with each deadline how long the evaluation will take.