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CIMPA Research School Group Actions on Algebraic Varieties held at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Peru, September 4-15, 2017

This CIMPA school has been of great importance to the region, as it allowed fruitful interactions among
many of professors and students from Latin-America working in Algebraic Geometry. Equally important
is the fact that they had the chance to interact with well-known experts from France and Russia, crucial
for networking and future joint projects.
From the opinions collected from the participants and lecturers, it is safe to say that this CIMPA School
was a success, for it open the way for future interaction between Latin-American researchers and their
European counterparts, and it motivated students to start or continue working in Algebraic Geometry.
Moreover, since this area of mathematics is at an initial stage in Peru, the CIMPA School has provided
many research ideas and projects to be developed by potential undergraduate and graduate students.

The report can be found here.
For more information please visit the official website.