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News from the CDC

Conference Support Program

This program gives partial support to conferences in the mathematical sciences organized in developing countries. The maximum amount that is awarded is €4,000, which must be used to cover travel and accommodation costs of invited speakers or participants coming from developing countries.  In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, applications can include expenses for the acquisition of material or payment of services to conduct activities entirely or partially in online format. The program is partially supported by the Niels Henrik Abel Board (Norway).

IMU-CDC invites applications by July 15th, 2021, for conferences starting after November 15th, 2021.

Conference Support Plus.  Due to the pandemic, CDC is aware that mathematicians around the world may need extra help to reactivate their activities. It has been approved that the Grant Selection Committee can award, once per year, up to €10,000 for a conference which is particularly important for bringing mathematicians back together and promoting international collaborations. This award will be decided together with the October calls.  The deadline is October 1st, 2021.

We recommend consulting the details and subsequent deadlines at the CDC Conference Support Program webpage.

Volunteer Lecturer Program

The IMU-CDC Volunteer Lecturer Program (VLP) fosters international cooperation by offering financial assistance to universities in developing countries to host a volunteer lecturer for a 3–4 week intensive course. The course given by the volunteer should be part of a regular mathematics undergraduate or master’s degree program at the hosting university, on subjects in which the university could have a lack of expertise.  Only host institutions can apply for the grant in the VLP.  This program is partially funded by the American Mathematical Society and the Niels Henrik Abel Board.

In this program, funding can cover the expenses of the Volunteer Lecturer up to €4,400.  Additionally, the grant can support preparation of course material (printing, photocopying, books) up to €1,000, and possible expenses for the acquisition of material or use of services to conduct lectures entirely or partially in the online format, up to €2,000.

IMU-CDC encourages applications to the VLP by September 1, 2021, for lectures to be held after January 1, 2022.

We recommend consulting the details and subsequent deadlines at the CDC Volunteer Lecturer Program.

Free subscriptions to two journals of the Institut Henri Poincaré

The Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris is offering free subscriptions for at least five years to two of its journals:

  • Annales IHP C  (Analyse Non Linéaire / Nonlinear Analysis)
  • Annales IHP D (Combinatorics, Physics and their Interactions)

to libraries in developing countries.  From 2022 on these two journals will be published by EMS Press under the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model.

The call for applications is open until October 15th, 2021.  Applications should be submitted using this webpage.

Olga Gil-Medrano
Secretary for Policy of the CDC