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Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program.

06-01-2017.pngOn June 2017 another CDC graduate scholarship program was launched, aimed at students listed as Priority 1 and 2 countries among the developing countries listed on the CDC website. For descriptions of the program and the application procedure, please refer to MathPrograms.Org  and this CDC website under the header Scholarships and Capacity Building. 

The GRAID program will be funded entirely by voluntary donations from individual mathematicians; those interested in donating should check the website of Friends of the IMU. Generous donations from several individual mathematicians, the DonAuction fundraising efforts at the 2014 ICM in Seoul, combined with a joint donation from the organizers of ICWM 2014 , provide the seed fund that are making possible the launch of GRAID, the Graduate Assistantships In Developing countries.

The stipends provided by GRAID will be modest, not to exceed USD 3,500/year, and it is expected that priority will be given to those regions where this modest amount would suffice to support a graduate student and free him/her from the obligation to seek an additional job to support themselves.

Please check out the websites of CDC and Friends of the IMU to learn more about the CDC GRAID Program!