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Report Abror 2014


During collaboration with colleagues from University of Seville he obtained several results. The papers which are based on the obtained results are following:

1. L.M. Camacho, A.Kh. Khudoyberdiyev, B.A. Omirov. On the property of subalgebras of Evolution algebras, pp.14. arXiv:1405.7126.
2. Ayupov Sh.A., Camacho L.M., Khudoyberdiyev A.Kh., Omirov B.A. Leibniz algebras associated with representations of filiform Lie algebras, pp.15. arXiv:1411.6508.

On the seminar of Institute of Mathematics of University of Seville the following talks are given:
1. Construction a Leibniz algebras by Fock representation from the filiform Lie algebras on 18.11.2014.
2. On the evolution subalgebras of Evolution algebras on 19.11.2014