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Report Taduri 2014

He visited the Department of Mathematics, University of Memphis from 5th Jan 2015 to 5th March 2015. During this period he gave a Colloquium talk entitled 'Almost isometric ideals in Banach spaces'. He also gave a talk in the Analysis seminar, entitled,'On a theorem of Shintani and Ando'. He had regular research interactions with Professor F Botelho of the Department of Mathematics. They collaborated on the algebraic reflexivity problem for operator ideals and obtained some positive results. For the ideal of weakly compact operators taking values in a space of continuous functions on a compact set, they could show that, under a mild sequentially continuity assumption, the set of surjective isometries that preserve compact operators is algebraically reflexive. These are being written up as a joint work. 

They also worked on the special session that they propose to organize at the Southern sectional meeting of the American mathematical Society during October 2015 at the University of 
Memphis, and also planned the graduate course they will be jointly teaching in Spring 2015, when Prof.Rao will be a Fulbright Schloar at Memphis.

He also contributed 3 reviews to the Zentralblatt Mathematics during this period. He also partially settled the coproximinality problem for spaces of Bochner imtegrable functions and submitted this work for publication.