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Report Tieudjo 2014

His visit was conducted under the subject “Profinite groups: endomorphisms, automorphisms, profinite completions and applications” and was partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation. Prof. David Moldavanskii was his main host-contact.
During this period, the main activities consisted of:

-      A presentation of the research problems: the aim here was to introduce the subject and create contact and interaction with Lecturers, M. Sc. and Ph. D. students.

-       A review of general concepts and properties of profinite (pro-C) groups.
-       Computation of profinite or pro-C completions of the one relator groups of the form áa,b ; [am, bn] = 1ñ where integers m and n are greater than 1. An interesting result was obtained. A paper titled “on the profinite completion of a class of one-relator group” is now in progress.

-       The beginning of the study of the endomorphisms and the automorphisms of profinite groups. Some ideas were proposed. He also took part to some M. Sc. defences.