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VLP Recipients 2008


John Lamperti (Dartmouth College, USA), "Real Analysis", March 3 - March 22 (supported by USNCM).

Jan Hannig (Colorado State University, USA), "Statistics", May 16 - June 7 (supported by USNCM).

Yontha Ath (Aerospace Corporation, USA), "Numerical Analysis", June - July 2008 (supported by USNCM).

Yasuo Morita (Japan), "Linear Algebra", November 2008

Michel Jambu (France), "Complements 1 for teachers", December 2008


Vladimir Vershini (University of Montpellier, France), gave a course in "Functional Analysis", September and October at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Der es Salaam, (supported by IMU-CDC).