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Project Support 2011

3rd Inter University Ibero-American Mathematics Competition (IMMC)

The Ecuadoran Mathematical Society received support for the 3rd Inter University Ibero-American Mathematics Competition (IMMC) held from October 3 -8, 2011 in Quito, Ecuador. IIMC is a regional competition for undergraduate math students. It was organized for the first time in 2009 and its goal is to reach universities from all Ibero-American countries (while teams from other regions are welcomed as well) with the aim of fostering the interest and motivation in the study of mathematics.

ICMI Teacher Workshops/CANP project

A grant was given to ICMI in support of teacher workshops in Costa Rica as part of the CANP project. The workshops are mathematics-intensive, modeled in part after the mathematics teacher workshops conducted annually by the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute in the U.S.

More Information can be found here.