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Project Support 2013

2nd African Women Mathematics Workshop

CDC supported a workshop "2ND AFRICAN WOMEN MATHEMATICS WORKSHOP" held under the auspices of AMUCWMA which is the African Mathematical Union (AMU) Commission for Women and Mathematics in Africa At AIMS (SOUTH AFRICA), CAPE TOWN, 17th TO 19th JULY 2013. The report can be found here.

MARM Program 2013-2016

Together with the London Mathematical Society, IMU-CDC supports the continuation of the Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM). CDC will support the program 2013-2016.


The MARM programme has been running since 2006 with original funding from the Nuffield Foundation and Leverhulme Trust. There have been four rounds of the programme to date and the current round is sponsored by the LMS and the International Mathematical Union (IMU) in association with the African Mathematics Millennium Sciences Initiative (AMMSI). The scheme is overseen by the MARM Board.


Prof. David Borchers, University of St. Andrews, UK participated in the MARM program 2013-2016 and visited the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa several times since the cooperation started in December 2015.


More information can be found on the program website.

AMMSI 2012/2013 Scholarships

The CDC supported in 2013 the request from AMMSI to support the program for the academic year 2012/2013. The CDC grant will be used for scholarships and some administrative costs. AMMSI is a network of mathematics centers in sub-Saharan Africa that organizes conferences and workshops, visiting lectureships and an extensive scholarship program for mathematics graduate students doing PhD work on the African continent.

The AMMSI scholarship program currently needs continuous international funding to maintain its vital work of providing the continent with its next generation of mathematical leadership. In 2013 the supported students are from Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon and Malawi.

More details can be found on the AMMSI website.

CANP South East Asia, Cambodia

The CDC supported the Capacity and Network Project (CANP) held in Cambodia in October 2013. The CANP is a program for teacher educators in developing countries and aims to foster the educational capacity of those people responsible for mathematics teachers, and create sustained and effective regional networks of teachers, mathematics educators and mathematicians, and link them to international support. More information can be found here.

The European Women in Mathematics (EMW) Network Meeting, Germany

The EMW organized its 16th general meeting at HCM Bonn from 2nd to 6th of September 2013. EWM is a network with several hundreds of members and over 30 coordinators in Europe. The EWM general assembly also took place at this occasion. They grant was used to cover the costs of four mathematicians from developing countries.