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Project Support 2021

The  projects below received financial support in 2021.

Burkina Faso

Project: Support  of the Master 2 Program at the Université Nazi Boni (UNB)

Project Description:

Since September 2021 a new Master 2 program in pure mathematics has been installed in Burkina Faso at Bobo-Dioulasso. The program teaches a group of selected students some specialized courses, with the prospective to follow-up with a Ph.D.-thesis in pure mathematics from a more qualified base.

The aim of this Master 2 program is to contribute to train future generations of mathematicians in West Africa, and to shine on the West Africa subregion by creating bridges between the countries of the region. This program also strengthens the pool of researchers in mathematics by attracting the best students.The topics highlighted have a strong combinatorial and algorithmic component, in particular: dynamical systems, ergodic theory, topology and group geometry. The Master 2 program offers a wide culture in pure mathematics and its applications to prepare the students for research.

This program is a joint effort between university Nazi Boni and Aix-Marseille University. It is supported by CDC, APSA (a french association) and by CIMPA.

Target Group: graduate students

Diarassouba-Bobo.jpg     Moussard-mamabobo.jpg     NBédaride2.jpg

Ethiopia, Namibia and Senegal

Project: Mentoring African Research in Mathematics

The project will be an extension of the four MARM partnership grants which were awarded in November 2020. These partnerships are based at the following institutions: Cambridge University, UK (paired with Universite Gaston Berger, Senegal); Bristol University, UK (paired with Universite Felix Houphouet Boigny, Ivory Coast); Politecnico di Torino, Italy (paired with University of Namibia, Namibia); and Brunel University, UK (paired with Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia).



Project: Innovative Educational Project 2021 for the Enhancement of Differential Calculus Teaching and Learning Quality in Undergraduate Programme in Indonesia

Duration of the project: 01.November 2021- 31.10.2022

Target group:  junior and senior mathematicians, undergraduate students

Project Aim:
The main aim of the project is to revitalize a teaching and learning Calculus for university students by incorporating computer technology. Using technological tools such as computers and computer software, many concepts in Calculus can be visualized vividly to improve students’ understanding of difficult concepts. The outcome of the project will contribute to the improvement of the mathematics education in Indonesia.

How many mathematicians/mathematics educators and from which countries will be reached with this project:
The first implementation (workshop) will reach more than 100 mathematicians and students from Indonesia. As soon as the educational resources are available online, they can be accessed across the country by much more students and lecturers.

South Africa

Supported Project: Development in Academic Statistics, South Africa

Duration of the project: 01.November 2021- 31.10.2022

Plan/Schedule of the project:
This project develops entry-level supervisors in the scarce field of academic statistics within South Africa. In 2021 a group of 8 novice doctoral supervisors in Academic Statistics in South Africa initiated the use of the portfolio the PI has developed with their new and current doctoral students. Biannual meetings as well as virtual meetings every week will document the feedback, hurdles and successes of the portfolio to evaluate the supervisor’s skill development along the project timeline as well as further mentor a new group of young supervisors for continuity.

How many mathematicians/mathematics educators and from which countries will be reached with this project:
10 - 15 (supervisors and their doctoral students) in South Africa from a diverse group of universities and departments. All team members are lecturers and researchers within their respective statistics discipline.


Project: International Mathematics Master, OMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan
Duration of the project: 01.November 2021- 31.10.2022

Target group:  Students from developing countries studying a Masters degree in Mathematics

Project Aim: The vision behind the International Mathematics Master (IMM) is to have a 2-year Master of Mathematics hosted by an existing higher education institution in a developing country, taught by prestigious international faculty, and comprising a scientific program based on fundamental and core mathematical topics. The program aims at attracting the very best local and international students and exposing them to the highest quality teaching in preparation for entering competitive Ph.D. programs. Despite its simplicity, the vision and strategy of the International Mathematics Master are proving to be quite unique and fill a gap in the existing landscape of activities supporting mathematical training and research in developing countries.