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Individual Travel Support Recipients 2019

Alisher Yakhshimuratov

Picture Alisher Yakhshimuratov.png

Alisher Yakhshimurato is a professor at Urgench State University in Uzbekistan. He was hosted by Prof. Michal Feckan at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia during the period 01.05.2019-30.06.2019. His research interests involve inverse spectral problems for differential operators, inverse scattering methods and nonlinear evolution PDE. For his report go here.

Manoj Changat

Manoj Changat is a professor at the University of Kerala in India. He was hosted by Prof. Peter Stadler at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany. His research stay was during the period 20.05.2019 – 28.08.2019. During the research period Prof. Manoj Changat did research on "transit functions and related topics with applications to evolutionary biology". For the journal entry go here.

Mohammad Reza Darafsheh

Mohammad Reza Darafsheh is a professor at the University of Tehran. He was hosted by Professor Manouchehr Misaghian at the Prairie View A&M University in Texas, United States. His research stay was during the period 01.08.2019-09.09.2019. During the research period Professor Mohammad Reza Darafsheh worked on finite group theory and give various seminars. For the journal entry go here.

Jinjing Qiao

Jinjing is an assistant professor at the Hebei University in China. She was hosted by Prof. Saminathan Ponnusamy at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. Her research stay was during the period 02.11.2019-02.12.2019. During the research period Prof. Jinjing Qiao worked on a number of Research Problems on harmonic mappings. For her report go here.

Uygun Jamilov

Jamilov Uygun is a senior scientific researcher at the V.I. Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences. He was hosted by Prof. Manuel Ladra Gonzales at the University of Santiago de Compostela in A Coruna, Spain during the period 15.11.2019-15.01.2020. During the research period Uygun Jamilov did research on quadratic operators and cubic stochastic operators. For his report go here.