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Networks supported by CWM

CWM is using its sponsorship to help establish and foster networks of women mathematicians especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  From 2015 to 2018, CWM sponsored events took place in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico , Senegal, Tunisia , Kenya, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, South Africa ,Vietnam, Austria, El Salvador, Ethiopia,  Italy (ICTP), Macedonia, Nigeria, Uruguay, Uzbekistan.


CWM Gallery

CWM random collection of  photos of women mathematicians. Just to make you realise  how many women in mathematics there are, who have overcome the multitude of obstacles placed in their paths.


2018 Global Survey of Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Scientists open!

A crucial component of the Gender Gap in Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Sciences project is the compilation of self-reported data from scientists via a global, multilingual, and multidisciplinary survey. This survey, which targets 45,000 respondents in multiple languages, will explore comparisons across regions, countries, disciplines, level of development of the country, sector of employment and age.

Professor Françoise Tisseur to give the Olga Taussky-Todd Lecture at ICIAM 2019

"The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has selected Professor Françoise Marie Louise Tisseur of the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, to deliver the Olga Taussky-Todd Lecture at the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, ICIAM 2019, in Valencia, Spain. This Congress is the most important international event in applied and industrial mathematics, held once every four years under the auspices of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics."

Women lecturers at ICM 2018 in Rio de Janeiro

Four women are Plenary Speakers at ICM 2018: Nalini Anantharaman, Catherine Goldstein, Sylvia Serfaty and Lai-Sang Young, out of 21 plenary speakers. The proportion of women giving Plenary or Invited Section Lectures at ICM 2018 is 15 %. See a poster on women lecturers at ICM from the origins (presented at the  World Meeting for Women in Mathematics) here.

Faces of Women in Mathematics film ready!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!  And a huge thanks to all the CWM ambassadors and contributors to the Faces of Women in Mathematics film!  We ended up getting 146 clips featuring 243 women mathematicians from 36 different countries and speaking 31 different languages.  Thanks also to the CWM of the IMU who supported the project.  We hope you will enjoy watching it!

Film (14 mn 02) here. Trailer (about 2 mn 41) here.

The Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences from a Historical Perspective

CWM Panel and Reception Thursday 2 August Room 204 A/B/C 18:00-20:30. All welcome

PANEL 18:00-19:30

Moderator : Caroline Series (Warwick Univ, UK, CWM Vice-Chair)

18:00-18:05 : Introduction

18:05-18:15 Marie-Francoise Roy (Univ. Rennes, France, CWM Chair): Presenting the IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics

18:15-18:40 June Barrow-Green (Open University, UK) : Historical context of the gender gap in mathematics

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