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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
A'Campo Norbert 1974 Vancouver Algebraic Geometry
Abate-Daga G. 1928 Bologna Engineering and Industrial Applications
Abellanas P. 1950 Cambridge (USA)
Abgrall Rémi 2014 Seoul Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Abhyankar Sh. Sh. 1966 Moskva Algebraic geometry & complex manifolds
Abouzaid Mohammed 2014 Seoul Geometry, Topology
Abraham M. 1908 Rome Mechanics, Physical Mathematics, Astronomy
Abraham M. 1912 Cambridge Mechanics, Physical Mathematics, Astronomy
Abramovich Dan 2018 Rio de Janeiro Algebraic and Complex Geometry
Adams C. Raymond 1932 Zurich Analysis
Adams J. F. 1962 Stockholm Topology & Differential Geometry
Adams J. F. 1966 Moskva Plenary
Adams Jeffrey 1994 Zurich Lie Groups
Adjan S. I. 1970 Nice Algebra
Adler Jill 2010 Hyderabad Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Ageev Oleg N. 2006 Madrid Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Agmon S. 1962 Stockholm Analysis
Agmon Samuel 1970 Nice Analysis
Agol Ian 2006 Madrid Topology
Agol Ian 2014 Seoul Plenary
Agrachev Andrei A. 1994 Zurich Applications of Mathematics in the Sciences
Agrawal Manindra 2006 Madrid Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Aharonov Dorit 2010 Hyderabad Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Ahlfors L. V. 1932 Zurich Analysis
Ahlfors L.V. 1978 Helsinki Plenary