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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Auslander M. 1962 Stockholm Algebra & Theory of Numbers
Auslander M. 1986 Berkeley Algebra
Autonne L. 1897 Zurich Analysis and Function Theory
Autonne L. 1904 Heidelberg Geometry
Autonne L. 1908 Rome Arithmetic, Algebra, Analysis
Autonne Leon 1900 Paris Number Theory and Algebra
Avellaneda Marco 1994 Zurich Applications of Mathematics in the Sciences
Avellaneda Marco 1998 Berlin Applications
Avila Artur 2010 Hyderabad Plenary
Avila Artur 2014 Seoul Plenary/Prize winner
Ax James 1970 Nice Algebra
Ayoub Joseph 2014 Seoul Topology
Baake Ellen 2010 Hyderabad Mathematics in Science and Technology
Babai László 1990 Kyoto Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Babai László 1994 Zurich Plenary
Babai László 2018 Rio de Janeiro Combinatorics, Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Babini J. 1928 Bologna Analysis
Bach Francis 2022 Virtual Statistics and Data Analysis
Badesco Radu 1932 Zurich Analysis
Badesco Radu 1936 Oslo Analysis
Baernstein II A. 1978 Helsinki Complex Analysis
Bagnera G. 1908 Rome Geometry
Bahouri Hajer 2002 Beijing Part. Diff. Equations
Baik Jinho 2022 Virtual Probability
Bailey R.W. 1924 Toronto Engineering