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General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) of the International Mathematical Union consists of Delegates appointed by the Adhering Organizations of IMU, together with the members of the Executive Committee, and of the Representatives of Associate and Affiliate IMU Members. Guests and observers may be invited additionally to GA meetings to participate for purposes of consultation upon specific items on the GA meeting agenda. Only Delegates have voting rights. The IMU Statutes contain a detailed description of the rights and duties of the General Assembly. At every General Assembly, resolutions concerning the running of the Union, the development of mathematics, international cooperation, etc. are passed. These are subsequently included in the relevant IMU Bulletin.

At the GA meeting in Gyeongju in August 2014 a document that provides Guidelines for the organization of a meeting of the GA was endorsed. The GA normally meets once every four years, usually at a place and date close to an International Congress of Mathematicians. 

The last meeting of the IMU General Assembly was held in Helsinki, Finland, on July 3-4, 2022. The full report and resolutions will appear below in due course.

IMU General Assemblies - Reports and Resolutions

Below is a list of General Assemblies to date, each with the relevant resolutions, full report and group photo provided where available.

19th GA

18th GA

17th GA

16th GA

15th GA

14th GA

13th GA

12th GA

11th GA

10th GA

9th GA

8th GA

7th GA

6th GA

5th GA

4th GA

3rd GA

2nd GA

1st GA

IMU Meetings 1920-1928 - Reports from ICM Proceedings




IMU Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee (NC) of the IMU is formed with the purpose of presenting slates of nominations to Adhering Organizations (AOs) in preparation for elections at the General Assembly. It consists of seven people, namely the IMU President, the NC Chair (chosen by the IMU President), three other persons (chosen at random from AO nominations) and two further persons with experience of the IMU (chosen jointly by the NC Chair and IMU President).

The Chair of the 2026 Nominating Committee is Helge Holden. The full composition of the committee will be announced in 2024 following completion of the established selection procedures (see Circular Letter 3/2024). Calls will subsequently be sent out to Members to nominate candidates for the elections at the 20th IMU General Assembly in 2026. It will be the task of the 2026 Nominating Committee to produce the slate for the elections to be held at the General Assembly.


  • Wendelin Werner (chair)
  • Switzerland
  • Astrid an Huef
  • New Zealand
  • Nam-Gyu Kang
  • Korea/Republic of
  • Carlos E. Kenig
  • USA
  • Dusa McDuff
  • USA
  • Caroline Series
  • UK
  • Vasudevan Srinivas
  • India


  • Martin Grötschel (chair)
  • Germany
  • Martin Kalina
  • Slovakia
  • Niky Kamran
  • Canada
  • Ursula Molter
  • Argentina
  • Shigefumi Mori
  • Japan
  • Cheryl Praeger
  • Australia
  • Daya Reddy
  • South Africa


  • Ragni Piene (chair)
  • Norway
  • Ingrid Daubechies
  • USA
  • Michel Jambu
  • France
  • Masaki Kashiwara
  • Japan
  • Gaven Martin
  • New Zealand
  • M S Raghunathan
  • India
  • Joan Solà-Morales Rubió
  • Spain


  • David Mumford (chair)
  • USA
  • László Lovász
  • Hungary
  • Anthony Afuwape
  • Nigeria
  • Nigel Hitchin
  • UK
  • C.S. Seshadri
  • India
  • Ian Sloan
  • Australia
  • Frances Yao
  • Hong Kong


  • Ludwig Faddeev (chair)
  • Russia
  • John Ball
  • UK
  • Christian Berg
  • Denmark
  • Jennifer Chayes
  • USA
  • Gil Kalai
  • Israel
  • Shigefumi Mori
  • Japan
  • Wieslaw Plesniak
  • Poland

Nominating Committees for IMU Offices