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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Allard William K. 1974 Vancouver Partial Differential Equations
Almgren F. J. 1970 Nice Analysis
Almgren, Jr. F. J. 1978 Helsinki Part. Diff. Equations
Alon Noga 1990 Kyoto Combinatorics
Alon Noga 2002 Beijing Plenary
Alt Frans 1932 Zurich Geometry
Alt Franz 1936 Oslo Probability Calculus, Mathematical Statistics, Insurance Mathematics, and Econometry
Alt H. W. 1986 Berkeley Partial Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Ambainis Andris 2018 Rio de Janeiro Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Ambartzumian R. V. 1974 Vancouver Probability & Mathematical Statistics, Potential, Measure & Integration
Ambrosetti A. 1983 Warszawa Part. Diff. Equations
Ambrosio L. 2002 Beijing Part. Diff. Equations
Ambrosio Luigi 2018 Rio de Janeiro Plenary
Amitsur S. A. 1970 Nice Algebra
Amodeo F. 1908 Rome Philosophy, History, and Didactics
Amodeo Federico 1900 Paris Geometry
Amoroso L. 1912 Cambridge Economics, Actuarial Science, Statistics
Amoroso Luigi 1928 Bologna Plenary
Amoroso Luigi 1932 Zurich Probability calculus, insurance mathematics, and statistics
Amsler M. 1920 Strasbourg Arithmetic, Algebra, Analysis
Anantharaman Nalini 2018 Rio de Janeiro Plenary
Andersen Henning Hahr 1994 Zurich Lie Groups
Anderson D. W. 1970 Nice Geometry & Topology
Anderson Michael T. 1994 Zurich Geometry
Anderson R. D. 1970 Nice Geometry & Topology