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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Ahlfors L. V. 1932 Zurich Analysis
Ahlfors L.V. 1978 Helsinki Plenary
Ahlfors Lars V. 1936 Oslo Plenary/Prize winner
Ahmed Mursi 1936 Oslo Analysis
Aizenman M. 1983 Warszawa Mathematical physics & mechanics
Aizerman M. A. 1966 Moskva Mathematical problems of control systems
Ajtai Miklos 1998 Berlin Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
Akimoff M. 1928 Bologna Analysis
Akimoff M. 1932 Zurich Mechanics and Mathematical Physics
Albanese G. 1928 Bologna Geometry
Albenga G. 1928 Bologna Philosophy, History of Mathematics
Albert A. A. 1950 Cambridge (USA) Plenary
Aldous David 1998 Berlin Prob & Stats
Aldous David 2010 Hyderabad Plenary
Aleksandrov A. B. 1986 Berkeley Complex Analysis
Alekseev Anton 2014 Seoul Mathematical Physics
Alesker Semyon 2002 Beijing Operator Algebras & Functional Analysis
Alexander H.W. 1950 Cambridge (USA) Geometry and Topology
Alexander J. W. 1932 Zurich Plenary
Alexandroff P. 1928 Bologna Geometry
Alexandroff P. 1932 Zurich Geometry
Alexandrov A. D. 1958 Edinburgh Plenary
Alexandrov P. S. 1954 Amsterdam Plenary
Alexeev Valery 2006 Madrid Algebraic and Complex Geometry
Alexeyev V. M. 1970 Nice Analysis