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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort ascending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Zylinski E. 1928 Bologna Statistics, Mathematical Economics, Probability Calculus, Actuarial Sciences
Zygmund A. 1928 Bologna Analysis
Zygmund A. 1932 Zurich Analysis
Zygmund A. 1954 Amsterdam Analysis
Zworski M. 2002 Beijing Part. Diff. Equations
Zvonimir Janko 1970 Nice Algebra
Zupancic R. 1928 Bologna Geometry
Zuckerman G. J. 1978 Helsinki Op Alg & Grp Rep
Zuazua Iriondo Enrique 2006 Madrid Control Theory and Optimization
Zowe Joachem 1998 Berlin Control Theory & Optimization
Zorich Anton 2006 Madrid Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Zindler K. 1904 Heidelberg Geometry
Zimmer R. J. 1986 Berkeley Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamic Systems
Zilber B. I. 1983 Warszawa Mathematical logic & foundations of mathematics
Ziegler Gunter M. 2002 Beijing Combinatorics
Ziegler Günter M. 2014 Seoul Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Ziegler Tamar 2014 Seoul Number Theory, Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations
Zie Uddin Ahmad 1928 Bologna Philosophy, History of Mathematics
Zhou Xiangyu 2002 Beijing Real & Complex Analysis
Zhou Xunyu 2010 Hyderabad Mathematics in Science and Technology
Zhelobenko D. P. 1974 Vancouver Operator Algebras, Harmonic Analysis & Representation of Groups
Zhang Pingwen 2018 Rio de Janeiro Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Zhang Shou-Wu 1998 Berlin Number Theory
Zhang Wei 2018 Rio de Janeiro Number Theory
Zhang Weiping 2002 Beijing Differential Geometry