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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Nassiri Meysam 2018 Rio de Janeiro Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations
Natale Sonia 2018 Rio de Janeiro Algebra
Navas Andrés 2018 Rio de Janeiro Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations
Nazarov Fedor 2010 Hyderabad Analysis
Nazarov Maxim 2002 Beijing Lie Groups
Nebres Father Ben 2006 Madrid Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
Neeman Itay 2006 Madrid Logic and Foundations
Nehorosev N. N. 1974 Vancouver Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamic Systems
Neishtadt Anatoly I. 1990 Kyoto Ordinary Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems
Nekrasov Nikita A. 2002 Beijing Mathematical Physics
Nelson Edward 1974 Vancouver Mathematical Physics & Mechanics
Neményi P. 1936 Oslo Rational and Applied Mechanics
Némethi András 2018 Rio de Janeiro Algebraic and Complex Geometry, Topology
Nemivroski Arkadi 2006 Madrid Plenary
Néron A. 1954 Amsterdam Algebra & Theory of Numbers
Néron A. 1966 Moskva Algebraic geometry & complex manifolds
Nesetril Jaroslav 2010 Hyderabad Combinatorics
Nesterenko Yuri 1990 Kyoto Number Theory
Nesterov Yurii 2010 Hyderabad Control Theory & Optimization
Neugebauer O. 1928 Bologna Philosophy, History of Mathematics
Neugebauer O. 1936 Oslo Plenary
Neuhauser Claudia 2010 Hyderabad Probability and Statistics
Neumann B. H. 1936 Oslo Algebra and Number Theory
Neumann B. H. 1970 Nice Algebra
Nevanlinna R. 1928 Bologna Analysis