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ICM Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Name Sort descending First Name Year City Section/Speaker Type
Minsky Yair 2006 Madrid Topology
Mira Pablo 2010 Hyderabad Geometry
Miranda Mario 1970 Nice Analysis
Miret D. 1924 Toronto Geometry
Mirzakhani Maryam 2010 Hyderabad Topology and Dynamical Systems & ODE
Mirzakhani Maryam 2014 Seoul Plenary (lecture was not given)/Prize winner
Mischenko A. S. 1970 Nice Geometry & Topology
Mises R. von 1932 Zurich Probability calculus, insurance mathematics, and statistics
Mishra Siddhartha 2018 Rio de Janeiro Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Misiurewicz M. 1983 Warszawa Ord. diff. equations & dynamical systems
Mitjagin B. S. 1966 Moskva Functional analysis
Mittag-Leffler G. 1900 Paris Analysis
Mittag-Leffler G. 1900 Paris Plenary
Mittag-Leffler G. 1904 Heidelberg Analysis
Mittag-Leffler G. 1908 Rome Plenary
Miwa T. 1986 Berkeley Lie Groups and Representations
Miwa Tetsuji 1998 Berlin Plenary
Miyaoka Yoichi 1994 Zurich Algebraic Geometry
Mj Mahan 2018 Rio de Janeiro Geometry
Mochizuki Shinichi 1998 Berlin Number Theory
Mochizuki Takuro 2014 Seoul Plenary
Mohammadi Amir 2022 Virtual Dynamics, Lie Theory and Generalizations
Moiseev N. N. 1966 Moskva Mathematical problems of control systems
Moishezon B. G. 1970 Nice Analysis
Mok Ngaiming 1994 Zurich Real & Complex Analysis