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ICM Berlin Videos 26.08.1998


Below you can watch all videos from ICM Berlin for 26.08.1998

Some analogies between number theory and dynamical systems on foliated spaces

Christopher Deninger

Universität Münster, Germany: Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, L-Functions of Motives

Wed 26-Aug-98 · 9:00-10:00 h


The Chaotic hypothesis and universal large deviations properties

Giovanni Gallavotti

Universitá La Sapienza, Roma, Italy: Dynamical Systems, Statistical Mechanics, Probability

Wed 26-Aug-98 · 10:15-11:15 h


Local index theory and higher analytic torsion

Jean-Michel Bismut

Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France: Differential Geometry, Global Analysis

Wed 26-Aug-98 · 11:45-12:45 h