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13th International Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness Conference (MCG13)

The purpose of the International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness, an affiliate of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction,  is to bring together mathematics educators, K – 12 teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and others who are interested in nurturing and supporting the development of mathematical creativity and the realization of mathematical promise and mathematical giftedness, promoting the improvement of teaching and learning mathematics, and widening students’ abilities to apply mathematical knowledge in innovative and creative ways.

The 13th International Group for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (MCG) – will be held at the Central University of Technology – Free State South Africa from 20 to 23 February 2024. The conference will be hosted in the Faculty of Humanities by the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. The theme of the conference is “Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness in Diverse Educational Settings” The conference will include an exciting line-up of keynote speakers aimed at promoting mathematical creativity and giftedness in students of all ages and backgrounds, and supporting interested mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers, teachers and other practitioners. Proposed conference topics include presentation of research and suggestions for practice that allow for fruitful debates and opportunities for interaction among professionals at all levels with interdisciplinary interests.