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Database Project Argentina

flag.jpgIn Argentina there are national orientations (at the federal level) but then each province can organize its own curriculum. The national orientations are called "Núcleos de Aprendizaje Prioritarios (NAP)", the Nuclei of Priority Learning.

In the case of the "Nivel Inicial"-Initial Level and the two first cycles of the "Nivel Primario"-Primary Level, Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences are included in the same document. For the case of the "Tercer Ciclo del Nivel Primario" (ciclo básico de la Educación Secundaria)-"Third Cycle of the Primary Level (basic cycle of Secondary Education) there is one document for each area. There is no document for the "ciclo Superior"-Higher cycle, but presently there is a new reform of Secondary Eduction going on, which implies a number of agreements at the federal level, and this includes the curricular ones.

Nivel Inicial:

Nivel Primario - Primer Ciclo:

Nivel Primario - Segundo Ciclo:

Nivel Primario - Tercer Ciclo/ Ciclo Básico - Educación Secundaria:

Norma Cristina Pietrocola

ICMI representative for Argentina