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Database Project Brazil

This is the official link to the Ministry of Education of Brazil, which is the highest authority to regulate all issues related to the education, especially the curricula: (cne stands for National Council of Education) In particular, the .pdf file that was approved in 2001, establishes the curricula for the courses in Mathematics (one of the courses is for Teacher Education, directed to teach  6-12 grades of Basic Education divided in Fundamental Education (Junior High 6-9 grades) and High School (10-12 grades).

Since this document was considered insufficient by educational associations, a study committee (joint work of mathematicians and math educators) is working to produce more sensible improved recommendations for Teacher Education Curriculum. Also, it is interesting to see the document that regulates the access to working market for teaching at elementary school level (K- 5 grades) for those holding a diploma in Pedagogy, once they had credits in 3 course units that do not include any specific knowledge in Mathematics, Sciences or Language.

Information contributed by Yuriko Baldin (yuriko at