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Here is up-dated information regarding French maths curricula.

All these documents are published in different "Bulletins Officiels" called BO.

For primary education (kindergarden and elementary) the link is the following :

For secondary education, the situation is more complex as there are many different series in junior high school and a separation between vocational high schools and general and technological highschools. This table


is also accessible on the website of the General Inspection of Mathematics provides the number of math hours for all series, the corresponding math coefficient at the baccalauréat. The PDF version also has the links towards the different BO where the detailed programmes can be found.

For understanding the educational system, one can go to the governmental website:

The wikipedia article :ème_éducatif_français provides a more synthetic version.
Unfortunately, all this information is in French.

For ICME-10, the CFEM prepared a detailed description of Mathematics in French Education in three languages (English, French, Spanish) which is available on its website. Since that time some changes have occurred, especially regarding teacher education with the introduction of the master system, but this description is still very useful.
The link towards CFEM is


gives direct access to the file "Mathematics in French Education".


Vocational education
The structure of vocational education has been modified in 2009. The links below provide information on the current structure and on the mathematics and physical sciences curricula (these are usually taught by the same teacher) for the CAP prepared in two years and the Baccalauréat professionnelprepared in three years in vocational high schools.

Presentation of the current structure for vocational high school :

Mathematics and physical sciences curriculum for the preparation of CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle) : BO n°8, 2010/02/25

Mathematics and physical sciences curriculum for the preparation of “Baccalauréat professionnel” : BO n°2, 2009/02/19


Michèle Artigue