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In Italy national curricula are defined as “Indicazioni Nazionali” - these give goals 
that schools have to reach, deciding independently the way to. However, the number of hours devoted to maths is fixed at a national level, with a limited flexibility. Some autonomous region (e.g. SüdTirol) has its own “Indicazioni”.


These are the links to the official documents; all of them are in Italian and contain all the disciplines.


“Scuola dell'infanzia” (pre-primary school):


“Primo ciclo d'istruzione” (from grade 1 to grade 8)

Italian first cycle is organized in a common path for all children.

It is divided vertically in Primary school and First grade Secondary school.

Primary school (from grade 1 to grade 5):


First grade secondary school (from grade 6 to grade 8):


The goal at the end of the first cycle are summarized in the “Profilo finale dello studente”:


These curricula were detailed in a later official document called “Indicazioni per il curricolo”:


Since there is some incoherence between the two documents, an harmonization is waited for.


“Secondo ciclo d'istruzione” (from grade 9 to grade 13)

Italian second cycle is divided horizontally into “Sistema dei Licei” and “Istruzione Tecnica e Professionale”.

Curricula (and in particular maths curricula) can be found at the following links:


“Sistema dei Licei”:

General frame:


Detailed curricula:


“Istruzione Tecnica e Professionale”:

General frame:


Detailed curricula:


Since education is compulsory for 10 years, there is an official documents detailing the “competenze” (literacies) for 16 years old students.



Giorgio Bolondi
Italian representative
President of the CIIM (commissione Italiana per l'Insegnamento della Matematica)