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Database Project New Zealand

Here are the New Zealand links:

Schooling (Year 1-13)

The New Zealand mathematics and statistics curriculum for schooling (years 1-13) can be found using the following links: (overarching philosophy, general aims etc.) (choose Curriculum Achievement Objectives by curriculum area for all Mathematics and Statistics content, choose Curriculum Achievement Objectives by level for Mathematics and Statistics content for specific learning levels)

New Zealand uses assessment against national standards for students between Years 1-8. The New Zealand national standards information for mathematics and statistics can be found through the link:

The website that provides curriculum-based support for mathematics and statistics teachers at schooling levels is next. The numeracy project information within this site helps in particular to supplement the curriculum, particularly within the primary school sector:



Early childhood has a separate curriculum found at

with pdf at



Numeracy for Adults’ education information is found through


Previous Y1-13 curriculum:

In case you are collecting previous curricula also, the immediately previous NZ Mathematics curriculum (applicable  roughly 1993-2008) is at: 

with the PDF:


Robin Averill

ICMI representative for New Zealand