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Norway – Curricula for mathematics in schools ( 1- 13)

Compulsory school, i.e. primary and lower secondary school (grades 1 – 10) and upper secondary school (grades 11-13) have a common document: Core Curriculum for primary, secondary and adult education in Norway.  The Core curriculum presents the aims, general philosophy and information. Further curriculum guidelines for different levels  and subjects can be found to the left on this page:

Other relevant information can be found in The Education act, and the annual reports on the situation: The Education Mirror 2013   etc.  

For details of the mathematics curriculum follow the link to different level where you can find separate documents for various subjects and areas of work.


Framework for Pre-schools/kindergarten

A new revision of the framework plan  is delayed.


Norway -  Framework for teacher education

General  framework for teacher education

Teacher education in Norway is recently organised for three levels, grades 1- 7,  grades 5 -10 cover lowe secondary school, and  for grades 11- 13 which cover upper secondary school 


The details of teacher  are not available in English  at the moment, since the latest plan is fairly new. In Norwegian, see


Anne Berit Fuglestad

ICMI Representative for Norway