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CANP 3 South East Asia


The third Capacity and Network Project Program took place from the 14th October to the 25th October, 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Cambodia 2013: The third CANP project

CANP Cambodia was held over two weeks from 14th to 25th October, 2013 in the Imperial Garden Hotel in Phnom Penh. There were 34 participants (15 female and 19 male) from Cambodia (16), Laos (6), Thailand (8), and Vietnam (4), plus 5 facilitators from the region and 4 from overseas. The Local Organising Committee was headed by Chan Roath (Cambodia).

The Workshop was opened by H. E. Pit Chamnan, the Secretary of State of the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.


The Workshop program began with some activities for participants to get to know each other, followed by a national presentation from each of the four countries. The following days included lectures on both mathematics and mathematics education, group activity on both mathematical tasks and mathematics education issues, cross-national group discussions, and social events. Examples of topics were: Mathematical Vignettes from the Klein project, Pre-Service Teacher Education, Educational Change, Developing a Mathematics Education Community, Resource Websites, and Using the History of Mathematics. These sessions were designed to encourage participants to share ideas and information from each country, and to discuss their wishes for the future.

As the Workshop progressed the participants increasingly took control of the program and organised working sessions on a variety of topics, including: Common Issues, Curriculum, Technology in Mathematics Education, Assessment, and Developing Resource Materials. The final day contained sessions planning future collaborations and meetings, and a workshop evaluation.

Several activities were organized to allow participants to interact with each other a relaxed atmosphere. These included a Welcome Dinner, organized sight-seeing on Saturday to the Royal Palace, the National Museum, Tuol Sleng Prison Museum, and the Russian Market. At the start of the second week, an evening boat trip was arranged. At the end of each day a Mathematical Puzzle Session was organised.

External activities included a delegation that met with the Secretary of State, presenting a report on their recommendations with respect to three questions about mathematics education in Cambodia. In addition, four members of the international team gave presentations at Kemarak University to a group of 150 teachers.

CANP Cambodia Outputs

The Workshop produced three outputs: a regional report; a vision for the future; and plans for follow-up activities in 2014.

The members from each participating country prepared a report on the state of mathematics education in that country—these are combined into a Regional Report that will be published in the CANP series by the end of 2014.

Participants also produced a Vision for the Future document, focusing on secondary mathematics education. This document will be published as Part Two of the Regional Report.

Plans were made to meet at least in October 2014, and possibly before. In addition the infrastructure of a regional network was established and some inter-country visits set up.

Pre-Workshop Meetings 2012 and 2013

The first meeting of the IPC took place in Seoul, Korea in July 2012.

The second meeting of members of the IPC as well as the Local Organizing Committee took place in Thailand and Cambodia in March 2013.

For more information about CANP SEA (content, aims, outreach), please contact Bill Barton, Program Manager CANP South East Asia. In case of questions about logistics please contact Lena Koch ICMI Administrator, IMU Secretariat, Berlin.


Participants of the CANP SEA Preparation Meeting in Phuket, Thailand, March 2013



International Program Committee (IPC) 

  1. Chan Roath (Cambodia)
  2. Maitree Inprasitha (Thailand)
  3. Berinderjeet Kaur (Singapore)
  4. Warabhorn Preechaporn (Malaysia)
  5. Bernard Hodgson (Canada)
  6. Fidel Nemenzo (Philippines)
  7. Barry Kissane (Australia)
  8. Pierre Arnoux (France)
  9. Bill Barton (New Zealand-ICMI Liaison)


The workshop program can be found here

Finances and Logistics

Lena Koch, IMU Secretariat (Germany)

Local Organizing Team(LOT), Cambodia
1. Chan Roath
2. Lin Mongkolsery
3. Khvay Sopheap
4. Ham Karim
5. Ly Chanthida

The workshop was endorsed by The Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS).

It was also supported by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization-Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (SEAMEO RECSAM)

The workshop was sponsored by: The International Mathematical Union (IMU), The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), and the IMU Commission for Developing Countries (CDC).